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Michelle P., Author
HALFTIME 2012 Attendee customizing her PLAYbook.

The same attributes that amazing athletes possess—confidence, coachability, focus, hustle, and commitment—are the same attributes that an entrepreneur must have (if the plan is to run a profitable and thriving business). And no matter what you’ve been told or thought about business in the past, two things make a business successful, sales and self-satisfaction. 10 times out of 10, you’re not going to be satisfied without sales. It’s the life blood of your business. Without them, you don’t have one.

And who do you sell to? That’s right, people – customers, clients, investors, partners, vendors – all people, all contacts. So, where are these people coming from? How are you attracting them? Are you closing sales like you desire to close sales?

Contacts – Communications – Conversations – Cash, they go together like cabbage and cornbread. And if you’re from the South, you know what I’m talking about. A clear branding strategy, requires  a clear communications strategy (also known to MOST as a marketing strategy). This brings me to WHY I encourage you to play like a girl. Our ability to communicate and connect makes us PERFECT for this “game”. Who’s better at either one of those than women? Sure, there are many men who are great at it too, but it comes more natural for us gals.

Listen, we’re in the throws of second quarter, and whether you met or exceeded your first quarter goals, or didn’t manage to make one sale…well, as the saying goes…It ain’t how you start; it’s how you finish.” I’m sure you are well aware that this entrepreneurship game is NOT for wimps.  And trust me, you don’t want to play without a game plan – a solid, track-able, measurable, tested game plan.

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June 30th is exactly the halfway point of the year and we will transform the Indigo Hotel RTP (Durham, NC) into our

2013 Women Entrepreneur’s Locker Room. And we’re doing things a little different this year.

Who’s invited?

(I’m inviting 50 women ONLY to meet me at the 50 yard line.)

If you are an independent womenpreneur currently in business full time, part time or all the time, you’re invited.

If you have never experienced the difference a business coach REALLY makes, you’re invited.

If you are committed to CREATING success on purpose, you’re invited.

If you need motivation to win, you’re invited.

What’s my investment?


For my fellow FLY football fans, that’s ONE DOLLAR PER YARD. Just $1 to get you from start to finish – ENDZONE to ENDZONE. This is why I have to cap attendance at 50. At this price, there will be an overflow. And I only want the women who are sure of their decision to succeed in business. Those who are serious AND act fast will get in!

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What will I learn?

I’ll be teaching, along with my co-coach for the year (more on that later)…

  • Exactly how to create the steps to build a solid strategy
  • Exactly how conversations and cash are connected
  • What to say that will attract your real target market. (Not the ones who will pat you on the back and tell you how fabulous you are. But the ones who are willing to pay you…period.)
  • The real meaning of profit potential
  • And not for nothing, but you’ll also learn A LOT about football (if you don’t already), of which I am a HUGE fan. It’s hands down my favorite  sport to watch and I’ve applied many of its principles to business. And what better time to learn the fundamentals of American Football than in the off season so you’ll be prepared for the Fall. Just saying.

What will I get?

Each attendee will get a playbook that we will customize during our time together. This playbook will serve as your roadmap to getting MORE clients in the door (whether it’s live or online) and creating more sales. The playbook will also include a ton of resources, such as sample emails, a list of key words and phrases, articles and MORE!

Why should I come?

You have NOTHING to lose. I’m putting my 100% satisfaction guaranteed stamp on it. If you are not converting enough conversations into cash today, I promise that you are leaving money on the table – FAR more than your 5-hour, $1 per yard investment in this experience. And by the time you put time and resources into finding out this information on your own, it will have cost you FAR more than $100, not including the sweat, tears, frustration and lost sleep. If you don’t leave with more knowledge and understanding about communications and sales, strategy awareness and motivation to keep GROWing, I’ll GIFT you a VIP day ($2200). So, ALL the risk is on me.

FYI! Last year, we had an attendee that had yet to make one sale the entire year. She made connections and tripled her income before we even left the building. She was the only one standing in her way and gathered the courage to ASK for the sale.

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So what’s different this year?

Hey! I thought you’d NEVER ask! :-)

Well, this year…

  • It’s midday: noon to 5pm. In the past it’s been a morning event. But this year, HALFTIME happened to fall on a Sunday. I don’t know about you, but I’m sort of in LOVE with my Sunday mornings, so we’ve pushed it back to midday, for selfish reasons. I didn’t think you would mind. And instead of breakfast, you’ll get lunch. But that won’t make a BIT of difference to the impact of the experience – pinky promise. 😉
  • We’re adding the “Hot Seat”. If you’re familiar with my Coaching Huddle, this is a LIVE version of that – “Hot Seat” style – quick and laser focused. It’s your chance to ask whatever you want Not everyone will have an opportunity to participate, but those who do will not regret it!
  • And last but certainly not least…our 2013 Co-Coach, who I am SUPER excited to welcome into the Locker Room this year…

Katrina Harrell

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All of your life is connected to your business journey, and by learning to let go, your abundance can flow.

That is the core of the Liberation Mantra of Katrina & Business Liberation, LLC, a Life + Business Strategy Firm birthed through, and created in the energy of spiritual entrepreneurship for women.

Katrina is a Award winning and sought after 3x Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Business Strategist who used the power and gifts of spirituality and intuition to help women tap into their true value in the business calling.

She has authored several insightful books, included her latest, How She Got Free: A 5-step Spiritual Business Manual for Women Who Lead Through Entrepreneurship.

As an artist, author, and entrepreneur her services and innovative approach to business building helps entrepreneurs create innovative six to seven figure business models, and enjoy liberated lives while challenging beliefs about value, purpose and business.

Katrina’s commitment to liberation and wealth through entrepreneurship has been highlighted in Black Enterprise magazine, Saint Peter’s College Magazine (college alma mater) 100 Urban Entrepreneurs, Black Business Women Online, UNCTV Black Issues Forum, Women’s Elevation Magazine, The National Association of Women on the Rise, and several other digital and live establishments.

The Washington, DC native, wife, and mother resides in North Carolina, but truly lives wherever women and liberation align.


Wait! There’s MORE!

As a BONUS for registering TODAY and for your commitment to jump on this opportunity, you’ll get  these THREE value-adds immediately upon registration so you don’t have to wait until HALFTIME to get started.

  • A list of MUST DO’s (Immediately Downloadable)
  • A personal peek over the shoulder. I will look at one page, any page of your website or piece of marketing material and make recommendations on your copy
  • 2nd quarter assessment (Questionnaire Immediately Accessible)


“If you fail to plan, plan to fail.”

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