I am the daughter of a teacher and a hustler (both entrepreneurs),  a serial entrepreneur myself and, intrinsically, a motivator.  I have started, invested in and/or sold roughly 17 businesses since the age of six. I spent most of my life discovering my many talents, but with each day embracing that a discovery of such magnitude doesn’t come so easy for most. From an early age, not even on purpose, I set forth to help others find the greatness within them and open their eyes to what really is possible in life. Where I fell short was that I often put myself on the back burner to support everyone else. In a life-altering two and a half years, I battled two cancer scares, a corporate layoff, a miscarriage, a 170-lb weight loss challenge and a near death experience with my mom (with whom I am extremely close). Embracing the title of Reinventionista, I went from snappy to happy, from a broken single mom to a fit married matriarch and from a long time disgruntled employee to a self-employed brilliant boss. Outside of talent discovery, the pure lesson learned through this time in my life was the importance of self-discovery and the importance of a positive mindset. The number one lesson was that “You can’t ever really help anyone else if you aren’t able to help yourself.” Only in a fantasy world would you never have to take personal responsibility at some point. I wake up every day with service on my mind and love in my heart.

I took the easy way out by deciding to get a job after college – often working two or more at a time and ALWAYS working a ‘side hustle’. After two corporate layoffs and the clear need for flexibility, it became apparent to me that I would finally need to buckle down and take full time business ownership seriously. I fused my background and pure love for design, writing and communications, and desire to support women in need of direction to create a full service branding firm for women entrepreneurs called Callen Creative Solutions™. In a short time, my brand has expanded into speaking, authoring, and training through Callen Charm School™, a charm school for business that teaches confidence, clear communications and customer care. In addition, I am proud to have founded a supportive and resourceful networking group, created to embrace the art and science of being a woman entrepreneur. I strongly believe in continuous innovation and reinvention, which is not about changing who you are, but owning who you are.

I take a very serious, but humorous approach to results driven success and positivity is at the core. Often through tough love, I purpose to engage in speaking positively into the lives of everyone I come in contact with on a daily basis – from family to friends to followers. I’m often asked to be a motivational speaker at many local women’s, employee and charitable events. I take these on because I understand that nobody cares what you know until they know you care. I know that the best way to reach people is not through their stomachs, but through their hearts. I also know that without the success of my clients, I cannot be successful. These truths drive my everyday walk and desire to pour into the lives of those who have no lack of ambition or determination, but a lack of direction. Just call me GPS. Start Here.